Top 6 Patriotic T-Shirts for Men for Memorial Day

June 22, 2022
Patriotic T-Shirts for Men for Memorial Day

Memorial Day allows us, as a nation, to honor and mourn those lost in battle and gives us a unifying way to come together as Americans for a common, healing purpose.

Memorial Day also gives us plenty of opportunities to support our fellow citizens and raise our strength, morale, and determination through our shared patriotism. Wearing American flag shirts and patriotic clothing from Freedom Fatigues to celebrate this national holiday is an excellent way to increase patriotism in your community.

History: Men’s 2A Betsy Ross American Flag T-Shirt

Even though Memorial Day has been celebrated in the United States since the Civil War, the Ancient Greeks and Romans observed earlier forms of this holiday, known as remembrance days.

Memorial Day here in America began as a nationwide day of remembrance called Decoration Day in 1868 to commemorate Civil War Veterans that had died in combat. General John A. Logan, the leader of an organization for Northern Civil War veterans, allocated May 30 as a day to strew flowers, lay wreaths, and adorn the graves of fallen soldiers who had died in defense of their country.

Groups had already established and celebrated this observance all over America since the late 1860s, so the holiday became a national event. Over the years, Memorial Day grew to encompass fallen veterans from the Civil War and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Korea, Vietnam, and both World Wars.

Men's Petroic T-shirt

In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday celebrated on the last Monday in May to give federal workers a three-day weekend. Celebrate our long tradition of honoring our veterans and fortitude as Americans in our Freedom Fatigues 2A Betsy Ross American Flag t-shirt.

This lightweight, ultra-soft, tri-blend t-shirt has a beautiful vintage, distressed-style American flag graphic screen-printed on the front that also celebrates our Second Amendment rights. Our 2A Betsy Ross shirt is a patriotic clothing item that lets you flaunt your patriotic pride and celebrate American history.

Parades: American Patriot Men’s T-Shirt

National holidays are often a time to gather with friends and enjoy the change of seasons, and the end of May is the perfect time of year to get out in the sunshine. But to keep the true spirit of Memorial Day, that of honoring our U.S. Veterans, parades are held all over America.

From the three-hour National Memorial Day Parade, which passes alongside the Washington Monument and the National Mall, to small city and township pageants that meander down Main Street America, Memorial Day parades constitute a large part of this holiday’s celebrations. They remind us that we gather on this holiday to pay our respects and honor our fallen while maintaining a patriotic spirit.


Have your patriotic flag flying when the parade passes this year, and wear the Freedom Fatigues American Patriot as your Memorial Day t-shirt. Featuring a bold, American flag-style graphic in patriotic colors screen printed on a heather black lightweight, tri-blend shirt, the American Patriot men’s t-shirt is your go-to patriotic gear for celebrating any national holiday.

Remembrance Ceremonies: 22 Veterans a Day

First and foremost, Memorial Day is a time to remember our veterans and honor their sacrifices for our country. Across America, people participate in ceremonies and services that pay our respects.

At Arlington National Cemetery, members of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, also called the Old Guard, who stand as Sentinels, place flags in front of the headstones and four memorials on Chaplains Hill at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

All other available members of the Old Guard participate in a ceremony known as Flags In. Soldiers place small, American ceremonial flags exactly one boot length from the headstones of more than 228,000 graves and 7,000 niche rows in Arlington National cemetery.

Elsewhere across America, the nation observes a national moment of remembrance. Citizens all across the country take a few minutes to recollect the meaning of Memorial Day at 3:00 p.m. local time.

Men's T-shirt

The 22 Veterans A Day men’s t-shirt displays just how heavy the price of freedom is. Our lightweight heather black, tri-blend shirt is screen printed with a patriotic and sobering message. Freedom Fatigues is proud to donate 100% of profits from the sales of these shirts to raise awareness of PTSD and to combat veteran suicide.

Commemorations: We The People Patriotic T-Shirt

Ceremonies across America for national holidays like Memorial Day occur in churches, city, state, and federal monuments and halls all over the nation to honor our soldiers.

In addition to displaying funeral flags, another way to show your patriotic spirit is to wear red poppies as a sign of remembrance on Memorial Day. This tradition started during the first World War with John McCrae from Canada, a brigade surgeon alongside the U.S. Army and Allied fighting forces.

McCrae wrote a poem from the perspective of fallen soldiers whose graves are covered in wild poppy flowers. That poem was In Flanders Fields, and it became one of the most beloved and widely quoted works of literature from World War I.

Other Memorial Day traditions involve the American flag, as outlined in the U.S. Flag Code. Early on Memorial Day, proper flag etiquette dictates that the American flag should be raised only to half-staff until noon when flag flying can resume normally.

Volunteer work is also a common activity for Memorial Day and a great time to sport your patriotic and American flag t-shirts. Boost the patriotism of those around you while lending a helping hand and paying homage to our country’s founders, like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington.

We Be People T-shirt

The Freedom Fatigues We The People men’s patriotic shirt features a simple graphic of the first line of The United States Constitution to remind us of who our government truly serves. This tee is a lightweight, soft tri-blend in heather black or a cotton/poly blend for our 3X size.

Family Gatherings: ‘76 Stars & Stripes Baseball Raglan

Memorial Day has also been used to honor non-veterans on rare occasions. On opposite sides of the Reflection Pool in our nation’s capital sit the Washington Monument and the monument to Abraham Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln Memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day in 1922 and attended by both Confederate and Union veterans.

Many Washington museums and tourist attractions have virtual tours that the family can enjoy. You can also attend Memorial Day concerts and activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Getting together with family is a Memorial Day tradition for many Americans, and wearing your patriotic colors will keep your American spirit flying high. Many families use this holiday to educate their younger generations about the true meaning behind Memorial Day and how to observe it respectfully.

White And Blue

Sporting your patriotic gear while teaching the kids about proper flag etiquette, the U.S. flag code, and the difference between ceremonial flags and federal government flags never felt so comfortable than with the Freedom Fatigues ‘76 Stars & Stripes Baseball Raglan.

Featuring a retro-style, soft screen-printed American flag graphic on a super soft, three-quarter sleeve raglan shirt, this raglan cut shirt with a rounded hemline is perfect for men who usually wear tall sizes.

First Day of Summer: Murdered Out American Flag Men's T-Shirt

Because Memorial Day takes place on the last Monday in May, this holiday also marks the unofficial beginning of summer. After paying your respect to the fallen, you can break from the somber occasion with parties sporting patriotic decorations, flag napkins, and maybe even a flag cake.

Red, white, and blue decorations, backyard BBQs, and the first time opening up the pool for the year are all small celebrations held by families to honor the day alongside other traditions like the display of funeral flags and marching bands.

The long weekend also makes Memorial Day a perfect time to pack up the family and get out into the wilds of America for a fun camping trip, so grab a piece of flag cake and a couple of flag napkins while you pack up your camping gear and head for the Great Outdoors.

American Flag Men's T-Shirt

Following flag code while you’re out in the elements is how a real patriotic camper shows off. Wear your American flag proudly with the Murdered Out American Flag men’s t-shirt to get everyone patriotically pumped.

This American flag patriotic tee has a screen printed black-on-black graphic that can only be seen from an angle. The heather black super soft shirt is a lightweight tri-blend perfect for the balmy weather at the beginning of summer.

A Patriotic Memorial Day With Freedom Fatigues

Having a great Memorial Day is easy when you have 100% American-made apparel from Freedom Fatigues. Our Veteran/LEO-owned company partners exclusively with other American companies and non-profit organizations to give you the best and most patriotic clothing and accessories.

Freedom Fatigues is also dedicated to upholding American values and giving back to our veteran and first responder communities by raising awareness of cumulative PTSD and hero suicide and donating to support organizations that do the same.