7 Best Patriotic Shirts Made in the USA

November 3, 2022
Mens Vintage American flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Patriotic Americans love to show their pride in our country. From displaying the flag in front of their house to campaigning for important issues, those who love this country show it in deeds and actions. One bold way to show your love of America is to wear an American-made Patriotic shirt.

Some brands put the flag on a shirt made overseas and call it patriotic. True patriotic shirts need to be made by Americans for Americans, and the proceeds should go to support American industries, workers, and veterans.

Freedom Fatigues only sells 100% American-made products. From the fabric to the stitching, their shirts are 100% sourced from American suppliers and manufactured in America by Americans.

We take great pride in all our products and won’t sell anything that doesn’t come from our great country and represent all American values. Discover seven of the best shirts for men and women who want to express their pride in their beloved country.

Black T-shirt

Men’s Murdered Out American Flag Patriotic Shirt

This subtle, matte black American flag tee will turn heads. The unique design is only available from Freedom Fatigues and is one of the most distinct patriotic shirts on the market.

The heather back shirt is crafted from American-sourced tri-blend fabric made from American-grown cotton and American-produced polyester and rayon. It is screen printed in Freedom Fatigues’ facility just outside of Detroit by American workers.

We Be People T-shirt

Men’s We The People T-shirt

Our constitution is “Of the People, by the people, and for the people,” and this shirt is made by American people for American people. Durable and athletically fitted, this shirt is ideal for hard-working Americans who want to show pride in their country.

The shirt’s hems feature double-needle stitching with 100% American sourced thread, and the shoulders have extra taping for longevity and durability. Honor the constitution that unites us as a nation and sets forth the fundamental values we all embrace with this heather black American-made shirt.

Men's Patriotic Shirts

Men’s 2nd Amendment Betsy Ross Shirt

The Betsy Ross flag-inspired shirt features a distressed graphic of a Betsy Ross USA flag with 2A in the circle of stars on a heather navy background. This American-made patriotic shirt sends a strong message to others, just like our country’s Bill of Rights.

You can also show your commitment to our country and the 2nd amendment with the men’s “In God We Trust, On Guns We Rely” shirt. This option features an American Eagle gripping two rifles and is perfect for an Independence Day celebration.

The 2nd-amendment-supporting shirt is screen printed in our Detroit-based factory. It features an additional reversed white American flag on the sleeve to honor all those who have worn similar American flags on their military uniforms while bearing arms in service to our nation.

Heather Gray

Men’s Don’t Tread on Me Shirt

Our nation was founded by patriots who stood rough and ready to defend our freedom. American Revolutionary War Hero Colonel Gadsen raised a flag featuring a rattlesnake with the stark warning “Don’t Tread On Me” when fighting the British in 1775.

The patriotic slogan has been adopted by generations of Americans who will not allow their rights to be tread or trampled on. This shirt is made from an ultra-soft American-made tri-blend fabric and provides comfort while supporting American workers and proclaiming your readiness to defend our freedom.

Women T-shirt

Women’s Love Her or Leave Her Shirt

America is a gorgeous country that offers unparalleled freedoms. Despite its incredible standard of living and tremendous respect for liberty, some people just can’t stop complaining.

Give those who lack proper patriotic pride the simple message of “Love it or leave it” with this shirt made of 100% American-sourced ultra-soft tri-blend fabric. The heather gray shirt shows Lady Liberty carrying an Ar-15 and giving non-patriotic citizens a one-fingered salute. Wear this tee shirt to make your feelings known to those who don’t appreciate just how good life is here in America.

Don't Tread On Me Liberty Or Death

Women’s Liberty or Death Shirt

This 100% American-made short sleeve shirt is perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or daily wear. It has a heather gray base color with two patriotic quotes screen-printed in yellow and white. “Don’t tread on me” is written in large bold letters, while “Liberty or Death” appears in script.

These two complementary concepts are central to our identity as freedom-loving Americans, and wearing this shirt will reaffirm your commitment to our nation and its ideals.

Women's Patriots Vs Politicians Raglan

Women’s Patriots vs. Politicians Shirt

This shirt is a strong reminder to all those elected into office. This country belongs to its people, not corrupt politicians who restrict our freedom whenever it serves their interests. The white and black shirt boldly reminds our officials of the heart of what it means to be American: a desire to live free from tyranny. This desire was the reason we kicked out the British, the impetus to fight in the World Wars, and the motivation behind every patriot in the country today.

The Patriots vs. Politicians shirt is the product of hard-working Americans working in Freedom Fatigues’ facility near Detroit and is made of 100% American materials down to the threads. Wear this shirt to put those in charge on notice and encourage your fellow citizens to work to keep our land free of oppression.

Shop Freedom Fatigues for Made in the USA Patriotic Shirts

At Freedom Fatigues, we believe in more than just providing high-quality patriotic clothes. We believe in American industry and the American worker. We don’t make our clothes in sweatshops in a far-off country, nor do we use cheap materials made by citizens tyrannized under a dictatorship.

We only use 100% American sourced materials. All our apparel is screen printed in Michigan by American workers.

More than just American-made, our clothes have a purpose. Freedom Fatigues was founded by an Armed Forces and Law Enforcement veteran with a deep commitment to our nation, particularly those who have served to defend our freedom.

We are proud to partner with veteran and first responder mental health non-profits like Mission 22 and First HELP to ensure that every veteran gets the help they need and does not become a tragic statistic. These organizations have helped thousands of veterans reintegrate into society after their tours of duty have finished and help them seek treatment for physical and mental wounds., They are places where veterans and first responders can get the help they need from their brothers and sisters in arms.

A portion of the proceeds of each sale goes to help veteran-support organizations in honor of all our veterans. Buy patriotic shirts from Freedom Fatigues today, support an American business, and help all our veterans.