Wear Your Patriotic Baseball Hat and Show Your National Pride

August 15, 2022
Patriotic Baseball Hat

Few pieces of apparel are as all-American as baseball hats and caps. Once a standard element of the baseball player’s gear for keeping the sun out of the eyes while playing, it has since become a classic example of American casualwear.

Patriotic baseball caps feature colors, patches, and graphics themed and patterned after the Stars and Stripes of our national flag. Freedom Fatigues offers a large selection of patriotic-pattern baseball hats that let you take a stand for your country and display your national pride.

Black Hat

Black on Black Ball Cap

If you like the sleek, classic look and feel of a classic black baseball cap, you’ll love our black-on-black ball cap, complete with a subdued Freedom Fatigues logo on the side and an oversized monochromatic U.S. flag.

The oversized flag is hand-stitched and inspired by the subdued U.S. flags worn by military personnel in tactical uniforms. The hat’s colors and patterns provide a patriotic yet sober look that fits any style and apparel. It also features a moisture-wicking sweatband, a velcro back closure, and no top button to interfere with headphones or ear protection at the range.

Snake Logo Hat

Don't Tread On Me Ball Cap

As a liberty-loving American, one of the most prominent symbols representing your hard-fought freedoms is the Gadsden Flag, complete with the famous rattlesnake and the words: “Don’t Tread On Me.”

This flag was named after South Carolina politician and Continental Army brigadier general Christopher Gadsden. The rattlesnake and the flag’s yellow colors have endured throughout American history as modern symbols of freedom and liberty, far beyond its origins as a Palmetto State flag.

If the Gadsden flag is one of your favorite flags, bring the rattlesnake with you everywhere you go with this Don’t Tread On Me ball cap. The snake’s yellow-and-black colors are designed to contrast with the cap’s heather gray and white pattern, letting it stand out and show everyone the values you stand for.

USA Flag logo hat

Charcoal Stretch Fit Hat

Sometimes, the simplest patriotic designs are the most effective. If all you need is the classic red, white, and blue of the Stars and Stripes, this is the hat you need.

This charcoal-colored stretch-fit hat comes with a subdued Freedom Fatigues logo on the back, a pre-curved visor, and an oversized, full-color American flag patch. Our stretch-fit hats are a variation of the classic baseball cap design, allowing it to stretch around the shape of your head and ensure a comfortable fit all day.

You won’t find a patriotic hat with a more classic and high-visibility look and feel. This stretch-fit hat not only looks good, but it is also built right here in America and designed with premium-grade materials for superior comfort and craftsmanship.


ACU Digital Camo Range Hat

Freedom Fatigues’ selection of range hats are variations of the classic baseball cap design intended for use on the shooting range. Some of our range caps are manufactured using highly-durable Ripstop fabric, and all feature pre-curved visors specifically designed to protect your head and face from shell casings.

If your local range mandates the use of range hats as a part of the required safety gear, our ACU digital camo range hat is a perfect choice, letting you keep safe and keep shooting for as long as you need. Its shape and lack of a top button are also ideally suited for wearing the rest of your range safety equipment without obstruction or discomfort, such as safety glasses and hearing protection.

The ACU digital camouflage pattern featured on this hat is identical to the one featured on U.S. Army ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms). It is not only an ideal gift for the active-service soldiers and veterans in your family, but Freedom Fatigues also pledges to give back part of the proceeds from this purchase to organizations supporting veteran and first-responder mental health. Buy this cap for a hero and provide support to other heroes.

American Flag Leather Patch Ball Cap

American Flag Leather Patch Ball Cap

Although the age of cowboys and the frontier is long behind us, a quintessential part of this era hasn’t gone out of style: American cowhide leather. If you enjoy the look and feel of classic leather, consider our American Flag Leather Patch Ball Cap, featuring a white and mossy green color pattern and the rifle variation of the Freedom Fatigues logo.

This baseball cap is the ideal way to show your national pride with a bit of Western flavor. It features a large, 100% leather U.S. flag made entirely from vegetable-tanned American cowhide and hand-cut and stamped by an American leather craftsman.

These leather artisans work in one of the country’s last traditional tanneries, making this hat an excellent way to show your pride for our great country while also supporting a multi-generational, family-owned American business.

Get the Best All-American Apparel at Freedom Fatigues

At Freedom Fatigues, we don’t just buy blank hats made in a no-name factory overseas. We build our hats right here in America. Buying a patriotic hat from us means supporting American jobs, businesses, and organizations that help our heroes. We are proud Americans; we are unapologetic; we are Freedom Fatigues.