The Importance of Displaying Your Patriotic Decals

June 28, 2022
Live Free Patriotic Decals

From collectors to museum displays, you don’t have to look further than the nearest laptop, drinking bottle, car bumper, shop window, or collector’s book to find high-quality decals.

Patriotic decals and stickers of national flags are a more convenient way to show your patriotic sentiments and national pride than displaying an actual flag, especially for a laptop, window, or vehicle.

A Long Tradition

Patriotic stickers and decals are an excellent way to make smalltalk. Displaying a sticker that shows off a passion, experience, or interest can spark a conversation with someone you may not have spoken with otherwise.

Patriotic decals have been prominent throughout the 20th Century. Even our government, including the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and Air Force, use decals to denote separate department organizations or agencies.

An American flag decal can also show your commitment to and pride in our nation’s values. By displaying a decal with a political preference, you can show off your beliefs and meet people with similar viewpoints.

Stating a preference for Dangerous Freedom over Peaceful Slavery, the Live Free sticker communicates that you’ll never take your freedom for granted. Measuring 4”x4” and made from American vinyl, the Live Free or Die sticker features a colorful, vintage-style graphic of an American Betsy Ross flag.

Part of a Group

Decals can help show you belong to a specific group and offer unspoken recognition of other members to create a sense of community.

Numerous groups use decals to identify members and attract more. Church groups, high school bands, fan clubs, and political affiliates use stickers and decals to make their members feel like part of the group. Decals of international flags are often used to denote tour groups and athletes, as well.

Stickers and decals are also used as a tool for crime prevention. From fundraiser hand-outs to Neighborhood Watch stickers in shop windows, patriotic decals help you stay safe and support your community.

The Back The Blue Thin Blue Line flag sticker shows an American flag with a blue stripe that shows your support for the officers who serve our community every day. Made from American vinyl and measuring 4.25”x3”, this sticker represents the Thin Blue Line that stands between order and chaos in today’s society and our appreciation to those who serve.


Decals and stickers provide you with a means of self-expression. No matter your passions and tastes, there’s a decal to show your interest. You can use decals and stickers to describe yourself to those around you and communicate your beliefs, interests, and likes.

America also has a long tradition of expressing patriotic pride using these tiny signboards. Displaying patriotic stickers or American flag decals that show your civic views and interests can help you make a political statement, speak out on issues, and back your favorite candidates.

Express your individuality as well as your love for our Constitution with the Stars And Stripes 2A Butterfly Sticker. These stickers, designed by Pew Pew Nation, feature red, white, and blue butterflies with bullet bodies. Freedom Fatigues and Pew Pew Nation back our second amendment rights and endorse firearm education to counter firearm fear.


Decals help you to remember the places you’ve been and the memories you made while there. Check out any souvenir shop, and you will find loads of decals and stickers. The reason is that they help us remember our adventures, travels, sporting events, concerts, and more so we can reflect on them later.

Commemorative and memorial decals serve to honor our fallen heroes, as well. Memorial stickers can help you share your feelings and find support while appreciating the tremendous sacrifice the fallen have made.

Celebrating historical moments and accomplishments is another role that stickers and decals excel at. In 1775, Christopher Gadsden, a soldier and politician from South Carolina, gave us what would become known as the Gadsden flag, featuring a coiled rattlesnake above the words, “Don’t tread on me.”

This early Revolutionary War flag was first flown as a battlecry for independence from the British on the USS Alfred. It was created by Christopher Gadsden, a congressman on the Marine Committee. This flag’s symbols gained popularity and were repeated often during the American Revolutionary War.

Keeping its popularity throughout history, the Gadsden flag can still be found on license plates, state mottos, and as a rallying cry for political activists. Now, you can find it here on the Don’t Tread On Me vinyl decal. The 6”x5.5” high decal has a white or black background with contrasting colored graphics.

Make a Statement with Patriotic Decals

Individualizing your space is an excellent way to show off your unique personality. Patriotic decals are an inexpensive way to customize your space. An American-made vinyl patriotic sticker gives you the freedom to express yourself.

The patriotic decals and stickers at Freedom Fatigues are made from 100% American vinyl. We use some of our best-selling t-shirt designs for some of our stickers and partner with American companies to bring you a carefully curated collection of the finest patriotic decals and stickers.

Freedom Fatigues is a veteran/LEO-owned and operated business, and we strive to partner with other companies owned by fellow veterans and law enforcement offices. We pride ourselves on delivering superior-quality, patriotic merchandise manufactured only by American-owned companies.