Occasions Where Patriotic Apparel is a Must

August 5, 2022
Men's '76 Stars & Stripes Patriotic Baseball Raglan

While every day is an opportunity to express your love for your country, there are some occasions when wearing patriotic apparel is a must. Our nation has set certain days apart to commemorate the events and people in history who have shaped who we are today.

On all these occasions, wearing patriotic attire lets everyone know you are proud to be part of America’s story.

While there are several occasions like military homecoming or citizenship ceremonies where patriotic clothing is encouraged, there are some days of the year when you should show your patriotism and wear red, white, and blue.

Check out this list and mark your calendars, then shop at Freedom Fatigues to get 100% American-made apparel for the day.

Presidents Day

76 Men Logo

Honor the men who answered the call to serve their country to ensure that our nation endowed with liberty shall prosper in beautiful equality. Wear a shirt like a baseball cut Spirit of ‘76 shirt to show everyone you honor our nation’s finest sons.

Memorial Day

Black T-shirt

Perhaps our nation’s most solemn day, honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice with a patriotic shirt. Be mindful of the occasion and wear a shirt fitting with the sacredness of the day, like an all-black Murdered Out American Flag shirt.

Flag Day

Men's Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-shirt

Our nation honors Old Glory every June 14th. Wear the colors on your chest and put our nation’s symbol above your heart with an American Flag t-shirt on this day.

Pearl Harbor, V-E, and V-J Day

These Colors Don't-Run

Honor the sacrifices the Greatest Generation made to free Europe and Asia from tyranny by wearing patriotic apparel every December 7th, May 8th, and August 15th. Mark the beginning and end of America’s costliest foreign war with a shirt that stands for the freedom fought for in that terrible war.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Men's Love Her or Leave Her Patriotic T-Shirt

Many of today’s senior citizens sacrificed bravely to serve in a war that wasn’t always popular on the homefront. Show your support for our Vietnam veterans by wearing patriotic apparel every March 29th, and let them know a grateful nation appreciates their bravery.

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

Men's American Grit Patriotic T-Shirt

Honor the men and women who answered the call to serve “A country they didn’t know and a people they never met.” Don’t let a conflict known as the “forgotten war” be forgotten and wear apparel to show your appreciation for those who protected the Republic of Korea from totalitarian aggression. On the anniversary of the Armistice, every July 27th, wear a shirt in honor of these selfless men and women.

Independence Day

2A Betsy Ross Flag

On July 4th, 1776, a group of rabble-rousers decided to tell the King of England to take a long walk off a short pier. Little did they know the values they stood for and the freedoms they enshrined would give birth to the greatest nation in history.

Honor our nation and all it stands for by going all out and dressing in a 2A Betsy Ross Flag Patriotic T-shirt, showcasing the stars and stripes.


Patroit Born Free

Our nation’s newest national holiday aims to honor our nation’s never-ending quest to form an ever more perfect union. Honor the Americans who steadfastly helmed our ship of state from the turbid waters of slavery and injustice to the seas of bountiful freedom.

Wear a Patriot Born Free shirt to remind everyone that being born a free American is something to be cherished.

Purple Heart Day

Men's American Patriot T-Shirt

Some heroically brave Americans have shed blood for our freedom. Their sacrifice must be honored among all citizens. Every August 7th, we are asked to ponder these brave patriots’ sacrifice, and wearing a patriotic shirt can display that you have not forgotten their gift of freedom to our nation. Wear an American Flag Patriot shirt on this day to honor our wounded veterans.

Patriot Day

Remember Everyone Deployed Shirt

Patriot Day is a national day of remembrance in memory of all those who have fallen during the September 11, 2001 attacks and the American military personnel who served in the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. government recommends displaying flags and observing a moment of silence.

Our Remember Everyone Deployed shirt is for those solemn yet patriotic moments, inviting all those around you to pay their respects to all currently-deployed personnel still serving abroad and protecting American freedoms.

Election Day

Men's We The People Patriotic T-Shirt

Every stitch and color of Old Glory represents the freedoms we express through our democracy. Election day is when we make it known that this nation belongs to “We the People.” Wear a proud “We the People” shirt to the polls and no matter who you choose, know that it is America that always wins.

Veterans Day

Our beautiful nation has been built on the sacrifice of countless men and women who have answered the highest calling to serve in our military. Every year on November 11th, we pause to remind ourselves of their sacrifice and dedication to protecting our freedoms.

If you have served in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, wear a campaign paracord bracelet to honor your brothers in arms.

More Than Just Apparel

Wearing patriotic apparel is more than just putting on a shirt. It represents a commitment to your country, flag, and fellow citizens. Freedom Fatigues is a veteran-owned small family business committed to providing 100% American-made patriotic gear.

We believe in our nation and honor its veterans by supporting non-profits that help first responders and veterans get the mental health services they need.

Check out Freedom Fatigues today, and gear up for the next occasion where being a loud and proud patriot is required.