Looking for Made in America Patriotic Apparel?

August 22, 2022
Made in America Patriotic Apparel

Although patriotic holidays such as the 4th of July and Flag Day are the most common occasions for wearing American flag-themed shirts and tank tops, they aren’t the only times where it’s acceptable to wear patriotic clothing.

Freedom Fatigues offers a large selection of all-American-made patriotic and U.S.-themed apparel you can wear year-round. Discover some of our best sellers and find the perfect patriotic tees, tank tops, hoodies, thermal shirts, and hats for you.

Patriotic Lifestyle Apparel for Men

Freedom Fatigues carries an extensive inventory of patriotic lifestyle shirts, tank tops, and hoodies for men, from classic USA shirts to apparel with designs inspired by historical symbols and flags.

These Colors Don't Run

“These Colors Don’t Run” Patriotic T-Shirt

The bald eagle is a quintessentially American symbol representing the American people’s courage and resilience. Like the bald eagle, Americans refuse to back down when threatened or challenged.

This navy blue patriotic shirt encapsulates the spirit of America. The design on the back features an eagle spreading its wings over two flying American flags, flanked by the words “These colors don’t run.” A white eagle spreads its wings beneath the Freedom Fatigues emblem on the front left chest.

This shirt is manufactured in America using a super soft tri-blend fabric and 100% American-grown cotton. It is available in six sizes, from S to 3XL.

Men's Back T-shirt

American Flag Patriotic Tank Top

America’s most prominent symbol is the national flag. The American flag stands for liberty and opportunity, and wearing American flag apparel shows that you do not take the freedom our flag affords us for granted.

The back of the tank top displays a monochromatic version of the American flag in a vertical orientation as per the Flag Code, with the union in the top left. The front of the tank is bare, except for the silver emblem “FF” over the heart.

It is manufactured in the United States from 100% ringspun cotton and is available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

Don't Tread Me On

Don’t Tread On Me Patriotic Hoodie

One of the most popular historical American symbols is the Gadsden flag. American patriots use it nationwide as a symbol of liberty, rebellious spirit, and independence.

If the Gadsden flag is among your favorite patriotic symbols, you’ll love wearing this hoodie. The back features the iconic rattlesnake and “Don’t Tread on Me” phrase, alongside the year 1776 and nine golden stars reminiscent of the Betsy Ross flag.

The design is screen printed on our super-soft, 100% U.S.-made fleece hoodie in army green, making this sweatshirt the ideal blend of comfort and patriotism.

Patriotic Lifestyle Apparel for Women

Our women’s U.S.A.-themed clothing includes fitted t-shirts, racerback tank tops, long-sleeve thermal shirts, and hoodies for all freedom-loving women.

Black T-shirt

One of the many rights that American citizens enjoy is the right to keep and bear arms, enshrined in the Constitution under the Second Amendment.

This heather black shirt displays a visually striking set of red-white-blue stripes overlaid with an AR-15 rifle above the words: “I plead the 2nd.” It is the perfect shirt design for showing where you stand on patriotism and gun rights.

This women’s t-shirt features a boyfriend fit with longer, roomier sleeves for a relaxed style. We recommend sizing down if you prefer a more fitted shirt.

Black half T-shirt

Murdered-Out American Flag Tank Top

Monochromatic variants are among the most popular alternatives to classic, full-color American flags on patriotic apparel. Typically, these variants leave only the white stars and stripes intact, rendering the red and blue into shades of a single color. This monochromatic style is referred to as “murdered-out” or “blacked out.”

If you’re looking for a sleek alternative, look no further than this murdered-out American flag tank top. This racerback tank top features a black-on-black U.S. flag with a matte finish, only revealing the flag’s design when viewed at the right angles.

This tank top has a tailored, form-fitting cut and comes in naturally-slimming black. For maximum comfort, we even custom-designed an itch-free tag.

“We The People” Long Sleeve Patriotic Thermal

“We The People” Long Sleeve Patriotic Thermal

The famous words “We the People” are part of the opening sentence of the Preamble to the Constitution. They are a reminder that the government’s power does not come from an aristocracy or ruling class but from the American people themselves.

Keep warm and comfortable while displaying your patriotic pride with this heather charcoal thermal shirt. The “We the People” print is rendered in light gray and based on the handwriting found in the original Preamble to the Constitution.

The shirt’s tri-blend polyester-cotton-rayon fabric was made entirely in the United States using all-American materials in its construction. When you buy this patriotic thermal, you are thanking our founding fathers for their commitment to freedom and spreading their powerful message to your fellow Americans.

Patriotic Hats and Ball Caps

Complete your patriotic-themed outfit with one of our trucker hats, mesh-backs, and ball caps featuring a range of appealing patches and designs.


Charcoal Stretch Fit Hat

The trucker hat is a timeless classic of American apparel, traditionally worn by some of the most hard-working Americans: truck drivers, ranchers, and farmers. Their long-time association with the American working class has made them a patriotic symbol all of their own.

This charcoal trucker hat is made of stretch-fitting twill fabric for a comfortable fit. It features a large, full-color American flag patch, custom-made and sourced from a fellow veteran-owned American company.

Brown Cap

Betsy Ross Flag Patch Trucker Hat

The Betsy Ross flag is the name given to the iconic first flag of the United States after the passage of the Flag Resolution of 1777. This flag is famous for its ring of 13 stars representing the number of the United Colonies. It’s featured on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) official Seal as a symbol of American history.

This trucker hat features a retro-inspired tan and brown color scheme, a classic pre-curved visor, snap-back closure, and a 100% hand-stitched Betsy Ross flag patch sewn on the front. The sides also feature the “FF” logo with twin stars, making it the perfect accessory for patriotic history buffs.


ACU Digital Camo Range Hat

The official name of the U.S. Army’s field uniform is the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). One of the multiple camouflage patterns the ACU received is the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), which was in service between 2005 and 2019.

Army veterans who served during this period will recognize and appreciate the pixelated UCP pattern featured on our ACU Digital Camo Range Hat, paired with a simple but effective USA monochrome hook-and-loop patch.

Made of 100% Ripstop and featuring a buttonless construction, this hat is lightweight yet durable, perfect for wearing hearing protection and protecting your head from flying brass while practicing at the range.

Freedom Fatigues. Unapologetically Patriotic.

Freedom Fatigues is a military and LE veteran-owned company operated by an all-American family. We are proud to offer all-American-made products of superior quality, fabricated using locally-sourced materials and supporting American jobs and labor.