How to Wear the American Flag on Men's Patriotic Sweatshirts

June 21, 2022
American Flag on Men's Patriotic Sweatshirts

Many people are unsure about the rules regarding wearing their nation’s flag on their clothing and often assume that it’s unacceptable or disrespectful to wear a patriotic clothing item with an American flag design.

While the U.S. Flag Code has extensive information on how to display the American flag on uniforms and apparel, if your American flag t-shirts and patriotic clothing adhere to a few general rules, you don’t have to worry about breaching Flag Code etiquette.

No Flag is Clothing

The American Legion states that unless an item of patriotic clothing is made from an American flag, wearing clothing depicting a flag is not a breach of etiquette. Patriotic red, white, and blue colors and clothing depicting the American flag are acceptable ways to show your American pride.

A man with army Jacket

Our American Flag Patch Camo Hoodie is an ultra-soft, poly-cotton brushed fleece pullover, 100% American-made, with a double-layered hood. The Velcro 3.75" x 2.5" flag patch is sourced and custom-made by a veteran-owned American company. The Velcro allows the patch to be removed and interchanged with any standard patch of similar size.

Stars Before Bars

According to the National Flag Foundation, a patch or flag displayed on either sleeve should be placed with the Union or stars part of the flag facing forward. This is done so the flag seems to be streaming to the back when the person moves forward.

Black T shirt
Our government was created of the people, by the people, and for the people. The We The People long sleeve thermal sweatshirt shows your American values. Coupled with the American flag positioned correctly over our Freedom Fatigues logo, you can show your support for our country in style.

Vertical Flags

The blue field should be to the observer’s uppermost left side when vertically hanging or displaying the American flag. No other flags (except for church pennants flown by Navy crew at sea) should be displayed above or to the right of a hanging flag. Besides American flag men’s clothing, this policy holds for flags hanging against walls or in shop windows.

Hat Jacket
Our Vertical Flag Pullover hoodie is a true-blue America sweatshirt that will make you proud to be a patriot. The tri-blend fleece is American-made and ultra-soft, perfect year-round for staying warm on cold nights or blustery days.

Printed Flags

As long as a patriotic clothing item, like American flag shirts, isn’t made from an actual American flag, it isn’t considered to be a violation of the U.S. Flag Code. Wearing patriotic shirts, an American flag sweatshirt, or other apparel and accessories depicting Old Glory is a great way to show your support of America and its values.

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Freedom Fatigues offers the ‘76 Stars And Stripes American Flag sweatshirt to celebrate our history as a nation in retro bicentennial fashion. We modified the retro design of one of our best-selling shirts and put it on this super-soft, poly/cotton fleece patriotic red white and blue flag hoodie to give it a modern twist.

Wearing the Flag on Your Patriotic Shirts and Apparel

Freedom Fatigues is a Veteran/LEO-owned family business located just outside of Detroit. We take our commitment to bringing you patriotic clothing seriously and ensure your colors are flying true!

Whether you’re looking for an American flag hooded sweatshirt or a thermal America shirt, we have a large selection of patriotic shirts and apparel for men. We’ll ensure the American flag on your patriotic shirts is up to code at Freedom Fatigues.