Express Your Love and Respect for Your Country! Wear a Patriotic Shirt

November 2, 2022
Americans Patriotic Shirt

Americans love their country. From the freedoms our constitution provides to cookouts and fireworks on the 4th, we love everything about this great land of ours. One of the best ways to show off your love and respect for the United States of America is to wear a patriotic shirt.

These shirts can do more than just show off your patriotism; they can help you make a stand for issues you believe in and honor all Americans who have served to defend our freedoms and security. Freedom Fatigues has a wide range of men’s and women’s patriotic shirts for you to choose from. Here are some of the best available today.

Flag Patriotic T-shirt

Men’s Vintage American Flag Patriotic T-Shirt

Classic and understated, a simple USA flag t-shirt shows a love of country in a way anyone can understand. This short-sleeved shirt features the Stars and Stripes in full color over a gray background. The design shows the tattered and torn flag flying proudly.

The right sleeve features a white outline of an American flag in reverse in military uniform style to honor all who served.

Heather Gray

Men’s Don’t Tread On Me Patriotic Shirt

With an arc of stars, the year of our nation’s birth, and a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike, the words “Don’t Tread on Me” are both a threat and a warning. Famous patriot Col. Gadsden penned this slogan during the Revolutionary War, and ever since, it has served as a rallying cry for all Americans who stand ready to defend our freedoms.

This shirt for men, like Col. Gadsden and all patriots, is 100% American made from the fabric, down to the stitching and the itch-free tag.

These Colors Don't Run

Men’s These Colors Don’t Run Patriotic Shirt

Let everyone know you are willing to take a stand for your country and flag with this heather navy shirt. The front has a subdued eagle logo over the heart, but the back will make your ______ stand clear.

An American eagle soars with two flags clenched in its talons with the words “These Colors Don’t Run” in large distinct letters. Beyond being a strong statement, the shirt is 100% American and made of high-quality, ultra-soft cotton, polyester, and rayon tri-blend fabric

Women's Merica

Women’s ‘Merica Patriotic T-shirt

Many patriotic American women love cold beer, a good job, and the United States of America. This fun shirt has a vintage beer bottle label over a heather gray background with the word ‘Merica written in cursive white letters. This word originated as an homage to President George W. Bush’s Texas accent.

This easy-going shirt shows a relaxed, fun patriotism, a side of America we all love, and the easy-going freedom many have fought to preserve.

Girl Wear

Women’s Spirit of ‘76 Stars & Stripes Patriotic Baseball Cut Shirt

This vintage baseball cut shirt for women used the 1976 Bicentennial logo to show off pride in America. The shirt has blue ¾ sleeves with a white midsection. The number 76 is shown with the Stars and Stripes inside.

The shirt is made of a lightweight blend of comfortable American sourced raglan cotton and polyester and is 100% American made from the fabric to the thread for the stitching.

Women's Patriotic Shirt's

Women’s American Patriot T-Shirt

This American Flag shirt makes a simple statement. More than just a flag tee, this striking design puts an important word over the Stars and Stripes: Patriot.

This shirt puts your feelings in stark terms, no dancing around, no politics , just pure patriotic love. The shirt represents that times and leaders may change, but America will endure, forever loved by her people. Made of ultra-soft fabric, this shirt has a roomy, comfortable fit for any occasion.

Woman American

Women’s American Grit Patriotic Shirt This one is being discontinued. Does another need to be featured?

American women are unique. In instance after instance, they have answered their nation’s call on the homefront and on the battlefield, always working doggedly to support and defend our great nation.

Perhaps no group of American women answered their country’s call better than the women who served our nation during WWII. From working in factories to becoming the first American women to wear their country’s uniform proudly, this was a legendary group of Americans.

This shirt honors all American women whose grit has preserved and strengthened our nation. This shirt honors all strong, tough, hardworking American women with Rosie the Riveter and the words American Grit proudly displayed on the front.

The shirt has a tough construction, with shoulder-to-shoulder taping for extra strength and double stitching for durability, perfect for the hard-working, country-defending American woman.


Women’s Second Amendment Betsy Ross Flag Shirt

Betsy Ross stitched a flag for a newly born nation fighting for survival. While our nation is far more secure than in her day, the task of defending our country and our freedoms is never done.

Shortly after Betsy made that flag, our founding fathers gave all citizens the right and duty to bear arms in defense of our nation. This shirt shows your commitment to our right to bear arms.

This shirt celebrates American heritage and American freedoms. Beyond the message, this is a comfortable and durable tri-blend heather navy shirt. The shirt is also 100% American made from the fabric to the thread for the extra tough double stitching.

Freedom Fatigues for Your Patriotic Shirts

Freedom Fatigues is more than just a patriotic shirt company. We are an armed forces and law enforcement veteran-owned, small family business that believes in America and its values. All our clothing is proudly screen printed in our factory outside of Detroit, and every thread and stitch is sourced from 100% American suppliers.

Freedom Fatigues believes in more than providing high-quality patriotic gear at affordable prices. We believe in honoring and supporting all those who sacrificed to keep our nation safe.

We partner with several non-profits like Mission 22 and Victory Gym that help veterans get the help and support they need to prosper in the society they sacrifice to serve. A portion of every sale goes to help these organizations and support our veterans. Buy patriotic gear from Freedom Fatigues today and support those who serve.