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So What? - First HELP


“Don't be ashamed of needing help. You have a duty to fulfill just like a soldier on the wall of battle. So what if you are injured and can't climb up without another soldier's help?” - Marcus Aurelius

We understand that trauma and stress can affect first responders and that agencies, peers, and families need to be aware and have a support plan, but at a certain point the responder and/or family must fight for themselves. They can't be passive actors in their own salvation or even prevention. Mental health survival starts with a #SoWhat response to an absence of support. I'll go build my own and share it with my peers.

While we say we’re never alone - that’s not always true. When the lights go out and the night is silent, we are alone with only our thoughts. So many members of our team have had that painful lonely experience - where it really was them against the world. Even for a brief moment, just long enough to find the strength to say, #SoWhat.

Even alone in our darkest hours, each one of us in one way or another has said silently or out loud, #SoWhat. 

For the family left behind, in the immediate aftermath they need full support. We will say on their behalf, #SoWhat while we help them to their feet, but eventually, like all of you, they will also say #SoWhat and trudge forward one step at a time. If they fall again, #SoWhat? Someone helps them back up, and they move forward again. For the responders struggling to calm the chaos in their heads who are strong enough to say, #SoWhat, we will help them search for resources, and when they fall again, someone will help them back to their feet. And that’s OK.

Families, responders, and sponsors who are strong enough to say, #SoWhat set the conditions for others to follow. So, to all of you who are fighting your way forward every day as a member of this team, we’re proud of you and celebrate your accomplishments by saying loud and proud on your behalf, #SoWhat if we need each other?

For all of you standing here with us today, you are warriors, and it’s an honor to serve with you.  

Freedom Fatigues is beyond proud to be partnering up with First HELP to raise awareness and combat police suicide. Proceeds raised through the purchase of a First HELP shirt will directly go to support this cause and First HELP's efforts

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