A Mask Is Not A Muzzle

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Don't Tread On Me - "A Mask Is Not A Muzzle"


There's a balance to be struck between public health and civil liberties. The pandemic has destabilized our country and the world at large, resulting in many voluntarily laying down their rights at the government's decree and paving the way for tyranny. If you choose to do so, wear your mask to help flatten the curve, but don't let it muzzle you! Power-hungry politicians will "never let a good crisis go to waste." Make your voices heard! Your mask is not a muzzle.

✅ Printed on a lightweight, ultra-soft tri-blend shirt (heather Army green)

✅ 100% American made, right down to the knitting of the fabric 🇺🇸

✅ Itch-free custom tag

✅ Soft, vintage-style print

❗️Our shirts have an athletic fit. If you prefer a looser style, size up.

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